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What Are The Keyword Match Types?

Match type Modifier Symbol Wrap Example Keyword Target Conditions that trigger a match Example Search Query

Broad match

None keyword match type tool

Broad match is the default keyword match type in Google Ads that allows your ad to be displayed when someone searches for words related to your keyword. This means that even if the search query doesn't contain the exact terms, your ad can still show up. Broad match also includes synonyms, similar keywords, and even those with spelling errors.

For example, if your keyword is "iPhone case," your ad could potentially appear in search queries for "apple phone case," "best iPhone case for kids," and "phone case." This broad match approach helps you reach a wider audience and increase the visibility of your ad.

However, it's important to note that with broad match, your visitors may be less refined in terms of their search terms. The terms they search for are related to your keyword, but not necessarily an exact match. To ensure some level of relevancy, Google takes into account factors such as a user's search activities, the content on your landing page, and other keywords in your ad group.

While Your article gives a brief explanation of broad match and its inclusion of synonyms and similar keywords, Their article provides a more thorough understanding of how broad match works in Google Ads. It explains the concept in more detail, provides an example, and highlights the factors that Google considers for maintaining relevancy.

keyword wrapper or adwords keyword match type tool

Broad match modifier

+ +keyword +match +type +tool No longer supported in Google or Microsoft Ads. Each word or it’s modification must exist in any order. No synonyms and related searches. keyword match type tool online or free keyword match type tool

Phrase match

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Phrase match is a powerful keyword match type in Google Ads that expands the reach of your ad campaigns. When using phrase match, your ad becomes eligible to be displayed when the search query's meaning is similar to your keyword or a part of your keyword. This means that you can target a wider range of search queries compared to exact match, but still maintain some level of control over the relevance of the searches.

For example, if your phrase match keyword is 'iPhone case,' your ads could be shown in searches for 'buy iPhone case,' 'blue iPhone case,' or 'iPhone case sale.' This allows you to capture a broader audience who are specifically looking for different variations of iPhone cases.

By utilizing phrase match, you can strike a balance between reaching a larger audience and maintaining relevance. While phrase match may not be as broad as the broad match type, it ensures that your ads are displayed in searches that include the essence of what your ad is about. This helps to refine your audience and increase the chances of attracting qualified leads.

It is worth noting that Google Ads has discontinued the modified broad match type in 2021. However, the parameters of modified broad match have been incorporated into the phrase match criteria. This means that you can still benefit from the advantages of modified broad match within the more refined framework of phrase match.

In summary, phrase match in Google Ads allows you to reach a wider range of search queries while maintaining some control over relevance. By employing this match type, you can effectively target users who are specifically searching for variations of your keyword, ensuring that your ads are displayed to a refined and qualified audience.

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Exact match

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Exact match is the keyword match type that makes your ad eligible to be displayed when the exact meaning of your keyword appears in a search query. This matching option gives you the most control over who views your ad but reaches fewer searches than both phrase and broad match. keyword match type tool

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Keyword Match Types Explained by Google

Broad Match Modifier Changes

Google Ads

Since 2021, Google no longer supports the broad-match modifier type. If you enter broad match keywords it will behave as phrase match. Learn More

Bing Ads - Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Ads no longer supports the broad-match modifier type. And an important different from Google Ads, if you enter broad match modifier keywords it will behave as broad match. Learn More

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Quickly Wrap Keywords Phrases in Broad Match Modified, Phrase, and Exact Match

A standout feature of this tool is its match type converter, which facilitates seamless conversion between different match types. This free keyword match type generator will help you quickly wrap your targeted keyword phrases in the various match types except for broad. Each keyword will be wrapped in phrase match, and exact match commonly used in SKAGs.

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